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Hi, I'm Loren

Hi, I'm Loren

I want to share all the experience I've gained in over 25 years in the online industry.

I'm passionate about empowering small business owners everywhere with the skills and knowledge they need to take complete control over their websites and their marketing.

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positive review Having completed Loren's 'Mailchimp for Beginners' course, followed by a 1:1 power hour on all things SEO, I'd highly recommend her services. The Mailchimp course was very well structured, easy to follow & simply explained (perfect for me as a non-teccie person). The 1:1 was also very useful - tailored to me and my website, and I'm left being very clear on what steps I need to take with complete confidence. Loren also pointed me to other free resources where I can learn more, including on her Facebook Group where she gives so much value for free. If you're considering investing in a course or a 1:1 session, I'd highly recommend Loren.

Jane Singleton Avatar
Jane Singleton

positive review Calm and supportive training on email marketing. Looking forward to working with Loren more and to getting the best out of my email marketing.

Tamsin Burford Avatar
Tamsin Burford

positive review Loren has taught me so much through The Website School workshops, including SEO and Mailchimp. She guided me though setting it all up, making templates and campaigns and now it just takes care of itself, sending my content out to my subscribers whenever I publish it.

I had my WordPress settings slightly wrong, and she has sorted that out for me, so that an excerpt and featured imaged goes out automatically.

Highly recommended as Loren not only helps but teaches you how to help yourself, which gives a massive level of confidence and a feeling of achievement and control over your own site

Becky Pink Avatar
Becky Pink


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