Hi I'm Loren
I'm an award winning digital marketer.

I empower independent business owners
I have a proven history of empowering retail business owners with the skills and knowledge needed to take their businesses onwards and upwards with uplift in sales, conversion and order values, increased understanding of performance and analytics and optimised skills and marketing knowledge.

years success in online retail

25 years has provided me with huge amounts of knowledge and expertise which I'm passionate about sharing with small business owners and entrepreneurs like you.

I’ve worked with large corporates and small independents. Both have their challenges and both are exciting to drive forwards.

Specifically, I’ve worked in industries including DIY, Homewares, Cosmetics, Clothing, Food, Stationery, Textiles, Gifts and Home Fragrancing.

Why work with me
I'm an 'ideas' person
I can dream up 100 articles for your blog, or content for an email. I'm pretty amazing at working a way to solve a problem too. In my opinion, there's always a number of different ways to fix something.
I'm fanatical about data
I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to the numbers. Especially client results.
I'm results driven
I'm results driven and incredibly passionate about the results I help clients achieve. Some clients are still working with me many years on. I draw on experience and success.
I don't use jargon
I use plain English and simple language. I communicate anything complicated in an easy to understand way. It's about simplicity.
I'm a 'glass half full' kinda girl
I've always been incredibly positive and motivational. I believe there's ALWAYS a way to do something.
Everything I share comes from success elsewhere
Know what works and what doesn't and can help you to learn that too.
Don't just take my word for it

positive review I recently undertook Loren's course for beginners mailchimp. Its was fabulous, so clear and easy to follow and with the session being recorded you can revisit bits. The instructions were so clear i could follow on my screen and set up my mailchimp as she spoke. Well worth the investment. Thank you so much

Lexie Wrightson Avatar
Lexie Wrightson

positive review Loren helped me to see the wood from the trees when it came to Mailchimp and setting up the various campaigns. She is patient, very knowledgeable and makes a killer cuppa!

Martie Hancock Avatar
Martie Hancock

positive review Loren recently ran a bespoke Beginners Mailchimp course for me and my team. I know that most of us have revisited the videos again and again and are now up and running with building an email list. The whole course was simple to follow, clear and with lots of support. There was an added bonus of handouts and swipe files, as well as live Q&A sessions where Loren patiently answered our questions. Excellent value and service.

Heidi Thomas Avatar
Heidi Thomas
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